Cocktail Party Finger Food

Here a few ideas to inspire you and get you started. This is a non exhaustive list, so please contact me for other options!


Salmon rillettes (spread) on toasted baguette or cucumber slices
Tuna rillettes (spread) on toasted baguette or cucumber slices
Black or green olives tapenade
Tomato crostini
Grilled papers crostini
Savory cake with apples, walnuts and Swiss cheese
Savory cake with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and thyme
Smoked salmon filled crêpe bites
Spiced meat balls (beef, lamb or chicken) on a greek yogurt dip
Shrimp and grapefruit on guacamole
Gougères (savory puffs with emmental cheese)
Gougères with sun-dried tomatoes & rosemary
Ginger, lime & soja shrimp
Mini fillo shells with salmon & cream dip
Mini fillo shells with beet, goat cheese & walnut dip
Grissini wrapped in prosciutto

Andalusian Gazpacho shots


Mini crèmes brûlées
Mini spiced crèmes brûlées (cinnamon, cardamom, clove & lemon zest)
Mini mousses au chocolat
Mini apple tartelettes
Mini fruit mousses (mango, strawberry, raspberry)
Mini Tiramisu
Cream puffs with crème chantilly (whipped cream)
Cream puffs with Paris-Brest filling (almond cream)
Cream puffs with crème patissiere (various flavors custard: vanilla, spiced vanilla, coffee, chocolate, Grand-Marnier)
Mini fig tarts (in season)
Fruit skewers