I’m Valerie. I was born in the South of France, in a small town north of Toulouse.  My love for cooking started early as I watched my mother and both my grandmothers cook healthy food on a daily basis.  I always loved to witness their creations, whether everyday dinners or more festive meals.

After college, where I studied foreign languages, I naturally went into the hospitality industry to study hotel management, and graduated from the Lycée Hôtelier Lesdiguiere in Grenoble, France.  While I grew up in Ivory Coast, I have spent much of my adult life living in various countries, including France, Switzerland, Austria, the US, the UK, and Singapore.  Through my travels and experiences abroad,  I discovered new flavors and cultures which helped expand my passion for cooking.

Although my cooking is very much influenced by my French and Mediterranean roots, my love for travel and interest in other cultures is likewise reflected in the unique flavors of my cuisine.

Food safety, good health, and continuing education are of paramount importance to me. I hold a Food Safety Manager certificate (required in Minnesota for food service managers) and am a member of the United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA). 

À Bientôt

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