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A Satisfied Customer in Minneapolis

Our family has had the pleasure of working with Valerie for almost two years now. We were fortunate to have her weekly meal service during the pandemic. We then transitioned to Valerie’s Personal Chef Service when we began eating a primarily plant-based, gluten-free diet. I was initially concerned she might be overwhelmed by our food restrictions – I sure was! Instead, she seems to enjoy the challenge, delighting in the opportunity to explore and try new foods. She skillfully navigates each of our dietary preferences, consistently preparing delicious food that we can feel good about.

While Valerie’s background is in French cooking, her cooking knowledge and abilities are extremely versatile and extend far beyond French cuisine – she seems just as comfortable with an Indian or Thai recipe as she does with traditional French cuisine, and it is equally delicious. Although Valerie is very clearly a competent, experienced, and knowledgeable chef, she is always seeking to improve and further develop her talents. She enthusiastically partners with us to discover and test new recipes. She is always happy to try a recipe that we have found. Often, she has found the new recipe herself and it is far better than anything we could dig up. This has made all the difference in terms of our settling into our new diets without looking back – honestly, our meals are more varied and flavorful than ever.

Finally, it is clear that her work brings her much satisfaction and joy. We appreciate her passion for what she does and we are so grateful that our paths have crossed!

November 2022


À Bientôt

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