Charlotte M.

“Valerie is a good friend. I was astonished, though, by the way she mastered our son’s First communion family gathering. No matter how hard the blizzard had hit the Twin Cities that weekend, she showed up right on time that Sunday morning to prepare a delicious meal (fresh spring rolls and other refined appetizers, classic and salmon/asparagus quiche). She worked quietly from the kitchen as my family enjoyed the rare pleasure of being together, it was so delicious that even my mother couldn’t find something to add. Thanks to her what could have been a nightmare -imagine a daughter, her mother and mother-in-law preparing a festive meal in a tiny kitchen- was a wonderful and relaxing experience.

The top of the top was the desert. So difficult to prepare that last time I enjoyed it was at my wedding: a vanilla cream puff pièce montée.

Thank you Valerie’s French Kitchen!”

April 2018

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